how do i find time to create

I am often asked, when do I find the time to do all that I do. I guess that for me the question would have to be, how can I not do all that I do. The crafts, the garden, the entertaining are a testament to my gratitude for all that the creator has provided. All self expression is a celebration of what is possible if you just have enough time and glue.

I find after all these years that the all night quilting, sewing, scrap booking sessions have not necessarily come to an end. There are just less of these jags and more 15 to 30 minutes craft sessions. With age, I now know that every task can be competed if I just break it up into minute parts. Slowing the pace has allowed for greater execution and opens the window for active inspiration.

Age has also allowed me the time to develop a protocol for most creations. Where I place my dirty tray, how I treat my fabric, and the layers of my scrapbook machinations have become standard. After the foundations are laid, I await the whimsy.

Find the time. Your soul beckons.